Johannes Rinkenburger
The aim of 2D3D is the fu­sion of two-dimen­sion­al surfaces and three-dimen­sion­al shapes. It exam­ines, if the var­ious shapes can be abstracted so far that their dimen­sions are no longer clearly assign­able. The exact as­sign­ment to the two-/ three-dimen­sion­ality should therefore be done only by the means of colour and bright­ness. The shapes should vi­su­ally fuse with each oth­er and cre­ate new form struc­tures.

Output of a picture Database with 30+ graphic photos

Published in: Space for visual Research (ISBN 978-3-944669-80-9), Form Ma­gazine (#259), Sleek Magazine (Spring 2015), Please show me how to do Bauhaus! (ISBN 978-3-95773-185-2).