Johannes Rinkenburger
Branding for the fictional Ra­dio Con­trol Car Compa­ny HEIX. Only us­ing or­thog­o­nal lines and the colours black and white, the brand sets it­self apart from all the ex­is­t­ing compa­nies with very co­lour­ful, loud and non-uni­fied de­signs. The process of find­ing the inter­me­diates of forms and com­po­sitions as well as layering these re­sulted in a wide range of struc­tures, even more forms and moving forms.

Branding includes a whole Car, Stickers (for the Cars) Man­uals, Packaging, Tins, Plas­ticbag Labels and Boxes with sub­divisions.
Poster for the exhibition of the two university courses Brand Identities & Make it Work.